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August 31, 2020

電影《歸來》Coming Home

Coming Home

In the 1970s in China, Lu Yanshi, a professor who was sent to the labor camp during the Cultural Revolution, escaped from the camp to meet his long- missed wife Feng Wanyu and daughter Dandan. Dandan, who was then a teenager ballerina, could not play the leading role due to her father’s outlaw status. Under the temptation of regaining the leading role, Dandan revealed her parents’ secret meeting plan to the police. The meeting ended with the capture of Lu. After the end of the cultural Revolution, Lu came home only to find his broken family, his wife suffering from amnesia and his daughter working as textile worker. Under his unexpected situation, Lu was forced to make a seemingly absurd but understandable life choice to be a neighbor of his wife in order to take after his families…

Duration: 145 min



時長:145 分鐘