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August 31, 2020

紀錄片《我的梦》My Dream

My Dream

Wangzhen, a deaf dancer in China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe, will soon get married. She is a veteran dancer of the art troupe and she often helps the younger ones prepare for the show. Each year when summer turns to fall, the Trope has the busiest schedule. Most of the troupe members being blind and deaf, they complete the rehearsal and performance under the sign language teachers’ guidance and by feeling the music rhythm and drum vibration. The youngest troupe members are only sixteen or seventeen years old, the playful age, but they are all ready to overcome ten times as many hardships as normal people doing rehearsals again and again in order to give high quality performances. The troupe members are divided into the high school team and college team according to their age. Besides the busy rehearsals and performance, they have speech training and knowledge courses in order to better prepare themselves for the society after they leave the troupe. Wangzheng will have her wedding while the Troupe offers performances in Shanghai. Soon after the wedding Wangzheng will retire and start a new busy life in the local Disabled Persons Federation to help the disabled people’s to improve their living conditions.

Duration: 41 min