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September 3, 2020

《101次求婚》Say Yes

Say Yes

Yeh Shun’s fiancé is in a car crash right before their wedding in the three years that follow. Shun was not able to fall in love with anyone despite numerous admirers. Incidentally, she meets Huang Da and helps him collect a long overdue debt. As they become acquainted, Huang is attracted to Shun by her elegance. But Shun turns him down. As time goes by, however, Shun gradually becomes attached to the persistent Huang. When she is deeply moved by his sincerity, her fiancé, who disappears three years ago, suddenly comes back. He thus becomes the greatest obstacle in the relationship.

Duration: 104 mins

Director: Leste Chen

Cast: Huang Bo, Lin Chi-ling





主演:黃渤 林志玲