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August 28, 2020

《 鮮花》Flower


“Flower”ofthe Kazak ethic group,was born at the Carbon Festival (a traditional musiccarnival). According to the customs of the Kazak people, Flower was brought up by her grandparents, who regarded her as the pearl in their palm and hoped she would grow up to be Aken(the best singer of Kazak ethnic group). However, Flower didn’t utter a world before the age of five, and was regarded as a “mute girl”. It was not until the day her grandpa suddenly died that Flower, who was extremely grieved, opened her mouth to sing her grandpa’s favorite song.

Flower grew up and fell in love with a duet partner, Kade’erhan. After Kade’serhan returned from performing a year later, he wanted to take Flower away to his homeland. Flower did not want to leave her grandma alone and married Sulitan, an honest and kind herdsman on the grassland. While performing one day, Flower injured one of her fingers in an accident. With constant encouragement of Sulitan, Flower learned to playthe qin( a seven-stringed instrument) with four fingers, and was rewarded with an award at the subsequent Carbon Festival. As she was receiving the award that night, she was informed that her husband had died in a traffic accident on the way to get her qin. Despite being on the edge of collapse after the incident, Flower vowed to live on for the sake of the child in her womb, and lived out her life as a music teacher on the grasslands.

Duration: 135 min