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August 31, 2020

《 食在八方》Discovering Chinese Cuisine

Discovering Chinese Cuisine

China covers a large territory and has many nationalities, hence a variety of Chinese food with different but fantastic flavor. Since China’s local dishes have their own typical characteristics, generally, Chinese food can be roughly divided into different regional cuisines.

Chinese cuisine is widely seen as representing one of the richest and most diverse culinary heritages in the world. The 10 episodes of Discovering Chinese Cuisine introduce ten regional cuisines, which show people’s different life style, eating customs and creativity in food culture in China.

Part 1: Sichuan Cuisine

Part 2: Shandong Cuisine

Part 3: Hunan Cuisine

Duration: 75 minutes

Part 4: Anhui Cuisine

Part 5: Zhejiang Cuisine

Part 6: Jiangsu Cuisine

Duration: 75 minutes

Part 7: Guangdong Cuisine

Part 8: Fujian Cuisine

Part 9: Jiangxi Cuisine

Part 10: Huaiyang Cuisine

Duration: 100 minutes


                《食在八方》是《走遍中國》欄目推出的特別節目,該節目圍繞各大菜系的菜肴特色,展現不同地域人們的生活方式、生活態度、飲食習慣以及他們在飲食文化方面的創造力。通過「過程化」和「體驗化」的表現形態,從美食家、文化學者或者烹飪技藝傳承人的視角,以探尋和發現的眼光,展現某一菜系獨特的魅力。從而向全球展示具有中國地域特色的食文化, 並由此弘揚中華民族的傳統文化精髓。

第一集: 川菜

第二集: 魯菜

第三集: 湘菜


第四集: 徽菜

第五集: 浙菜

第六集: 苏菜


第七集: 粵菜

第八集: 閩菜

第九集: 赣菜

第十集: 淮揚菜