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August 28, 2020

《 新春佳節社火紅》Spring Festival She Huo Carnival

Spring Festival She Huo Carnival

“She Huo” literally translated as “Community Fire” is the general name referring to a series of celebrations during the Spring Festival, including singing and dancing, sacrifices to gods and prayers for good fortune.

It originated from the Chinese people’s reverence of the earth and fire thousands of years ago. In traditional Chinese society, people mainly relied on farming, so the earth is the material foundation for the development of people’s lives while fire, is the resource by which people can cook food and keep themselves warm, and an absolute necessity for the survival and development of human beings. The purpose of offering sacrifice during She Huo celebrations is to pray for national stability, good weather for crops, and the welfare of the people. Traditionally, She Huo celebrations come in many forms and carry a very lively and exciting atmosphere. As time has passed, the ancient She Huo celebrations have taken on new content which expresses the merry, festive mood of ordinary people during these holiday times.

Duration: 31 min