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August 28, 2020

《 功夫大師趙劍英》Kung Fu Master Zhao Jianying

Kung Fu Master Zhao Jianying

The 86-year-old Kung Fu Master Zhao Jianying lives in Danjingkou City in Hubei Province, China. She had serious health issues when she was a child. By a lucky coincidence, young Zhao Jianying saw the traditional and mysterious Chinese Kung Fu and devoted herself to it since then. It is Kung Fu that saved her, motivated her and has in many ways shaped who she is and defined her as a person. Through her life, Master Zhao has endured many challenges. But through it all, her commitment to Kung Fu never withered. She is a loving mother and grandmother at home and a good friend to all her friends. She is one of the most revered and accomplished martial artists in China and was acknowledged as the first batch of the Representative Inheritor of Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage at National Level.

Duration: 58 min