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August 27, 2020

《 中國結》Chinese Knots

                                                         Chinese Knots

          Chinese knots are also referred to as “Chinese Traditional Decorative Knots.” During the long process of history, the single cord sketches the warmhearted and elegant life of ancient china, and has gradually evolved to a gorgeous, exquisite and diversified accessory. Chinese knots look complicated in the making but are actually tied from one single cord, and all their varieties come from one source. However, the rather simple technique contains profound philosophy and abundant messages, which makes this art popular.

Duration: 15 minutes


         中國結,全稱為“中國傳統裝飾結”。在漫長的歷史發展過程中,一根普通的綫繩勾勒著古老的中國溫情,優雅的生活,並且逐漸演變成艶麗精緻、樣式繁多的裝飾品。看似複雜的中國結其實很簡單,每一個結都是用一根絲綫盤結而成,萬千姿態同出一源;然而, 簡單的工藝裡又蘊涵著深刻的哲理和豐富的寓意,因此深受人們喜愛。