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May 1, 2020

《重返20歲》Miss Granny

Miss Granny

An 70 year-old lady, Shen Mengjun, who has devoted her whole life working hard, is not welcomed anywhere, even in family and society. Her neighbor Li Dahai is the only one who cares and loves her. Once day, her daughter in law is sick and sent to hospital. As nobody  can take care of Shen anymore, her family decides to send her to a nursing home. Prior to her departure, Shen thinks her time is limited, so he decides to shoot a portrait for her future funeral. She goes to a photo studio named Youth Studio. To her surprise, after the shutter is pressed, she gets 50 years younger, being back to her 20s……

Duration: 132 mins

Director: Leste CHEN

Cast: YANG Zishan  CHEN Bolin  GUA Ah-leh LU Han


      操勞一生的70歲老奶奶沈夢君在社會和家庭中備受嫌棄,只有鄰居李大海對她一往情深。一天,媳婦生病住院無法再照顧她,決定把她送入養老院。臨行前,沈夢君想到自己年事已高恐怕時日無多,打算給自己拍張照片日後用作遺像。她來到一家“青春照相館”,沒想到快門按下,自己竟然年輕了50歲,變成自己20歲時的樣子 ……。



主演:楊子姍  陳柏霖   歸亞蕾  鹿晗