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September 3, 2020

《西遊記之大聖歸來》Monkey King: Hero is Back

Monkey King: Hero is Back

After creating havoc in the heavens for over 400 years, the Great Sage Equal to Heaven become legend. With mountain trolls on the rampage, the town of Chang’an is defenseless and the common people fret day and night for their safety. Jiang Liu’er, an orphan, and the wandering monk Faming live side by side and get by. The young often yearn for Sun Wukong, the Monkey King who created havoc in the heavens.

One day, some mountain trolls attack the town, wanting to kidnap baby boys and girls. Jiang Liu’er saves a baby girl and the mountain trolls go after him in pursuit. He runs for his life out of the town and ends up in Wuxing Mountain, where, quite by accident, he releases Sun Wukong from his sealed prison. After Wukong gets free he can think of nothing but returning to Mount Huaguo. However, there is still a seal around his wrist constraining his abilities. On top of this, he feels he owes Jiang Liuer, and reluctantly agrees to accompany him safely back to Chang’an. Along the road Zhu Baojie and the White Dragon Horse appear, but they have lost either their powers of mind, and they are no long heroes. The Demon King sets a trap at night in a tavern in an attempt to get the baby girl back. Discovering that Wukong has lost his magic abilities, he easily takes the baby girl. Wukong is not willing to go and save the baby girl, so Jiang Liu’er decides to go by himself on the day of a total solar eclipse in a temple suspended on a cliff, the Demon King prepares to cast the baby boys and girls into a burning hot cauldron. Jiang Liu’er rushes onto the scene and the final battle begins.

Duration: 95 mins

Director: Tian Xiao Peng