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August 31, 2020



In Tibet there are exotic and snowy landscape of the roof of the world, azure and deep lakes in plateau, dense virginals forest and rare animals and birds unique to the plateau. Furthermore, there is social and humanity full of the flavors of the plateau and snow land. Tibetan culture, with its history and rich content, will be enthralling to everyone has the much-treasured opportunity to witness and experience it.

This film tries to decode the mystics of fascinating land of Tibet, a civilization nearest to the sky, an enthralling shrine of Buddhism, the landscape of tradition and pure white of snow.

(1)Episode 1-26

 Duration: 212 min

(2)Episode 27-52

 Duration: 245 min

(3)Episode 53-78

 Duration: 245min

(4)Episode 79-100

 Duration: 255 min





時長:212 分鐘


時長:245 分鐘


時長:245 分鐘


時長:255 分鐘