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August 28, 2020

《蒙古族長調民歌》The Traditional Mongolian Folk Long Songs

The Traditional Mongolian Folk Long Songs

The traditional Mongolian folk “long song” has existedsince the early 13th century, when the Mongolian ethnic group,UrtiinDuu,came into being. Today, long song culture is mainly found in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China and the Republic of Mongolia and has spread to Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu in China and Buryat in Russia as well. The distinctive musical structure and form of the long song not only expresses the sincere feelings of the Mongolia people but also carries a rich historical message and is a symbol of Mongolian culture. On November 25th, 2005, “Mongolia Folk Long Song” was put on UNESCO’s Representative List of oral and intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. This masterpiece of culture and art has been appreciated by other ethnic groups, in various forms, and has found its place among the world’s great works of art.

Duration: 26 min


早在蒙古民族形成的十三世紀初,蒙古族長調民歌就已經存在。如今,長調文化主要分佈在中國內蒙古自治區和蒙古國,同時,在中國的新疆、青海、甘肅, 俄羅斯的布里亞特等蒙古人聚居的地方也有流傳。長調獨樹一幟的音樂結構与形態不僅表達了蒙古族人民的深厚感情,同時也攜載著豐富的歷史信息和文化基因。2005年11月25日,聯合國教科文組織將“蒙古族長調民歌”列入“世界非物質文化遺産代表作”,這一文化与藝術杰作已經通過多種形式走進其他民族的審美視野、走向世界的藝術殿堂。

時長:26 分鐘