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August 27, 2020

《舌尖上的中國》A Bite of China Season I

A Bite of China

 “A Bite of China” is CCTV 9’s first culinary documentary series, and is also China’s first food documentary to be filmed in high definition. Production of this documentary began in March of 2011, and has featured over 60 different locations, including Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan among other Chinese districts. “A Bite of China”, through detailed story-telling, looks at Chinese culinary culture from many different perspectives. The documentary comprehensively documents the vast and rooted culture of Chinese food; highlighting daily food choices and trends of China and versatile and creative eating habits of the Chinese people. More significantly, understanding China’s culinary culture will provide insight on the core values held dear by the Chinese people and are considered their foundation of survival. “A Bite of China” will definitely allow the audience to become familiar with, and understand the traditional yet fast-evolving country of China.

(1):The Gift of Nature 53 min

(2): The Story of Staple Food 53min

(3): Inspiration for Transformation 53min

(4): The Flavor of Time 53min

(5): The Secret of Kitchen 54min

(6): The Equillibrium of Tastes 54min

(7):    Our Fields 54min



(1): 自然的饋贈 時長:53 分鐘

(2): 主食的故事 時長:53 分鐘

(3): 轉化的靈感 時長:53 分鐘

(4): 時間的味道 時長:53 分鐘

(5): 厨房的秘密 時長:54 分鐘

(6): 五味的調和 時長:54 分鐘

(7):    我們的田野 時長:54 分鐘