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May 1, 2020

《烈日灼心》The Dead End

The Dead End

Three sworn brothers raise an orphan girl. One is a taxi driver who likes to help people and doesn’t like talking his kindness to the press. Another is an auxiliary police officer who likes to stick it to the rich to help the poor, and has never once considered promotion at work as a goal. The last is a simple man, who spends his days fussing over their girl. Everything seems fine. But something gloomy is bubbling beneath the surface. A series of coincidences bring police office Yi Guchun and his sister Yi Guxia into their lives, and their fates are forever changed. An unsolved case, once quite a sensation, resurfaces. In the course of justice and in the emotional lives of all involved, how will their fates play out?

Duration: 139 mins

Director: CAO Baoping

Cast: DENG Chao, DUAN Yihong, GUO Tao, WANG Luodan





主演:鄧超  段奕宏  郭濤  王珞丹