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April 30, 2020

《極致中國》Extreme China

《極致中國》(1)雪山 時長:52’04

       國家地理探險家兼攝影師本• 霍頓與三位中國新時代探險家組成團隊,踏上一段驚險刺激的極限旅程。在三集節目中,他們分別前往四川省的四姑娘山,陝西省的漢中寧強的天坑群以及祖國南端的海南島,向當地獨特的自然環境發起挑戰,並且走進那些在艱苦環境中與大自然和諧共處的人類群落,向他們學習當地獨有的生存技能,學以致用完成挑戰。身懷絕技的中方新時代探險家們發揮了自己的專業素質,在探險過程中體現了中國人積極樂觀,永不言棄的精神面貌。

Extreme China(1)Snow Mountain Duration: 52’04

National Geographic explorer and photographer Ben Horton teams up with three Chinese new-era explorers on extreme adventures. In these three episodes, they respectively go to Mt. Siguniang in Sichuan Province, sinkholes in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province and Hainan Island in the southern part of China, to challenge the unique local natural environment, and approach communities that are not just thriving in extreme environments, but living at one with nature. To complete the challenges, they learn from the locals about their unique survival skills. These resourceful Chinese explorers exert their professional skills and demonstrate the positive and optimistic spirts of Chinese people in their adventures.

《極致中國》(2)海洋 時長:52’05

Extreme China(2)Ocean Duration: 52’05

《極致中國》(3)天坑 時長:52’04

Extreme China (3)Sinkhole Duration: 52’04