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September 1, 2020

《感受香港》Experiencing Hong Kong


Hong Kong is one of the areas with the most open. Free and the most developed economy in the world.  Its prosperous economy and trade, culture, science and technology, sports and public service activities help Hong Kong win many honors such as the “Metropolis in the Flourishing Age”, a “ Shopping Paradise”, “Oriental Hollywood”  and “Gourmands’ Paradise”, etc.  In the past decade, Hong Kong people have succeeded in overcoming the Asian Financial Crisis and defeated SARS Epidemic under the leadership of the SAR government, the Hong Kong economy has now reached its climax in nearly 20 years.  This dynamic city, where Chinese and Western cultures converge, enjoys a variety of gaieties and is bound to usher in a more colorful and brighter future.

Duration: 30 minutes


香港是世界上最開放、經濟最發達的地區之一。繁榮的經濟貿易、文化、科技、體育和公共服務設施,為香港贏得了眾多的美譽,如“世界大都會”、“購物天堂”、“東方好萊塢”、“美食天堂”等等。過去十年中, 香港在香港特別行區政府的領導下,香港人成功克服了亞洲金融危機,打敗了SARS疫情,香港的經濟增長目前已達到近20年的高峰。這個充滿活力的城市,是中西方文化交匯的地方,可享有各種各樣的樂趣,必將迎來更加豐富多彩的美好未來。