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August 26, 2020

《少林武僧》Shaolin Kung Fu Monks

Shaolin Kung Fu Monks

Adam, a young man from Los Angeles in the United States, has studied the Shaolin Kung Fu for nearly 20 years. Ten years ago, he finally made a visit to Shaolin Temple, in Songshan Mountain in China. At the temple, he not only got the opportunity to further study Kung Fu moves from the monks, but also learned the culture and spirit of Chinese Kung Fu. He was acquainted with the knowledge the Bodhidharma retreated from the world in nine years of mediation, and finally achieved an understanding of the essence of Buddhism. Bodhidharma later created Zen and invented the stances of Shaolin Kung Fu.

In 2013, Adam witnessed the grand occasion of the Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Monks Delegation’s visit to Russia and the United States. He has consulted the Shaolin Temple about the eminent monks on the essence of Buddhist culture many times.

Duration: 30 minutes




時長: 30分鐘