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May 1, 2020

《大漠胡楊》Forest China

Forest China

Situated in the centre of Euroasia, the Tarim Basin forms a yellow eye of land. There lies the Taklimakan, the most fluid desert in the world where only poplars of all tall trees survive. Over 60 percent of the poplars on this planet stand on the banks of the Tarim River. In spite of the summer heat, lack of water, the wind and sand… the poplars struggle against the tyranny of nature and stubbornly stand alone. The trees have also established an interdependent relationship with other desert creatures. They bear witness to the power of each other’s lives.

Duration: 40 minutes


                在歐亞大陸的中央,有一隻黃色的眼睛,這是世界上流動性最強的沙漠——塔克拉馬幹。胡楊, 生長在塔尅拉瑪幹沙漠的唯一高大喬木。地球上超過百分之六十的胡楊,分佈在塔里木河兩岸。高溫,泉水、風沙……在嚴酷的自然環境中,胡楊孤獨而又頑強地延續著生命,並與許多生物建立了相互依存的關係。她們是彼此生命力量的見證。