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May 1, 2020

《夏洛特煩惱》Good Bye Mr. Loser

Good Bye Mr. Loser

Xia Luo goes to the wedding of Qiu Ya, the target of his secret affections. When he comes face to face with his old classmates, now successful professionals, he finds he’s the only one who’s a loser. Feeling bitter, he makes a massive scene at the wedding. He falls sleep on the toilet, and dreams that he’s back to high school taking revenge on bullying teachers, getting the girls of his dreams and becoming a rock star. He is finally a success in his dream. Immersed in this incredibly successful life, his heart swells. But he also discovers that the innocence and joy he once had is now lost.

Duration: 104 mins

Director: YAN Fei  PENG Damo

Cast: SHEN Peng, MA Li





主演:沈騰 馬麗