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August 28, 2020

《土與火——中國陶瓷》Earth and Fire, Chinese Porcelain

Earth and Fire, Chinese Porcelain

Mud and fire are essential prerequisites for human existence and also the birth place of human civilization. Ceramics are masterpiece and perfect combination of mud and fire created by the ancestors of the Chinese people. The production of ceramics began in remote ages and developed in its long history from pottery to porcelain and from the elementary stage to the advanced stage. Ceramics were one of the great inventions in ancient China and have played an important role in the history of world material and culture development.            Ceramic are the crystal of the painstaking efforts of countless craftsmen in the meticulous and diverse technological process and become the “spirit of mud and fire” in the process of molding, painting and burning from generation to generation. Ceramics makers and collectors had or have a complex about porcelain no matter they were emperors, princes, generals, ministers and cultural celebrities and whether they are in China or abroad and in the past and at present. Numerous moving stories are told about the makers and collectors of lifeless ceramics. The history of China’s ceramics production exactly mirrors the resplendent and brilliant culture of oriental world in the ancient time.

Duration: 30 min