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August 28, 2020

《南京雲錦》Nanjing Yunjin Brocade

Nanjing Yunjin Brocade

The Chinese character “錦”(brocade), consists of two parts, “金”(gold)and “帛”(silk),and refers to the most luxurious and valuable fabric in ancient China. Brocade produced in Nanjing is famous for its beautiful cloud-like patterns, hence it’s full name, which translates to “Cloud Brocade”.Light and thin cloud-patterned brocade merges picturesque landscapes with the profound culture of the ancient Chinese city, Nanjing,reflecting the marvelous concepts and painstaking work of numerous artisans. On a uniquely shaped and meticulously constructed loom, artisans produce beautiful brocadewith soft yet tough mulberry silk, flexible peacock feathers and precious gold and silver threads. Nanjing Yunjin Brocade was included on the China National Intangible Culture Heritage List in 2006.

Duration: 30 min


在漢字中,“錦”是“金”與“帛”的組合,意為豪華貴重的絲帛,是代表中國古代最高技術水平的織物。南京雲錦,因其美麗多姿,絢爛如雲霞而得名。看似輕薄的片片雲錦,融合了古城南京的靈秀水土和厚重文化,凝結著無數匠人的奇思妙想與辛苦勞作。那一根根柔韌的桑蠶絲、一簇簇靈動的孔雀羽、一縷縷昂貴的金銀綫,透過形體驚人、構造繁複、程序縝密的織機, 在工匠的手足飛舞間成爲獨一無二的藝術品,這一織錦工藝的巔峰之作已于2006年被列入中國國家級非物質文化遺産錄。