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April 30, 2020

《做客中國》Homestay China


By inviting three famous hosts from abroad to stay and work with locals from 9 targeted villages in 8 provinces, this film shows the better life of Chinese people. This series vividly narrates a series of typical stores of how China commissioned to lift people out of poverty and what achievement have been made from an international perspective.




(1)Welcome  New Friends

In this episode, three hosts comes respectively to Inner Mongolia, Yunnan Province, and Shanxi Province, and experiences the actual life changes to local people brought by the poverty alleviation projects through cultural industries.

Duration: 44’39




(2)Enjoy Country Life

In this episode, three hosts comes respectively to Guizhou Province, Fujian Province and Shaanxi Province, and sees how the poverty relief work in aspects like agriculture and tourism help develop the economics, upgrade the social welfare and conserver the culture.

 Duration: 44’38




(3)Enjoy Country Life

In this episode, three hosts comes respectively to Hunnan Province, Guizhou Province, and Chonging, and feels the tangible benefits like income, education and improved livelihood brought by the local poverty-relief policies.

Duration: 44’37