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May 1, 2020

《今日長江三角洲》One Day in the Yangtze Delta

One Day in the Yangtze Delta

Located at the western coast of Pacific Ocean and South of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze Delta is composed of fifteen cities in China, including Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Shanghai. With neighboring areas, diverse cultures, mutually complementary economies, and close relationships among people, the region is descended from the Wu and Yue Culture. The street scenes and people’s lives here reflect the unique customs and culture of the south of China. It is also a region with the densest population, fastest economic development, largest economic scale, and most potential for further development. This documentary represents the economic and social development in the region through the activities in one day of several characters living in Yangtze Delta.

Duration: 30 minutes


            長江三角洲位於太平洋西岸,長江中下游地帶,它由十五個城市組成,這些城市包括蘇州、杭州和上海。該區域源自吳越文化, 擁有多種文化和互補互利的經濟體制。片中的街景和居民的生活反映出中國南方獨特的風俗文化。該區域人口密集, 經濟發展迅速, 是中國最大的經濟區和最具發展潛力的區域。本紀錄片通過幾位長江三角洲居民一天的生活,展示了長江三角洲今日社會和經濟的發展。

時長:30 分鐘