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August 27, 2020

《中華茶文化》Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese Tea Culture

 China has a history of tea about 5,000 years, in which a series of characteristic tea culture and arts about tea plant cultivation and conservation, tea-leaf picking, processing and sampling, have come into being.  Tea – leaves are produced mainly in the southern area to the Changjiang River for the mild climate and the fertile ground, such as Zhenjiang, Yunnan, Guizhou, Fujian, etc.  So the tea varieties like Longjing, Wulong, Pu’er, Tieguanyin, are renowned both at home and abroad.  The film summarizes the cultivation history and distribution of tea in China as well as the traditional processing art, which will provide you some knowledge rarely known about tea. 

One of the common traits shared by the Chinese multi-nationality cultures is the tea culture and, of all the fifty – six nationalities, each one has the custom of sampling tea.  It’s unimaginable that the Chinese people spend a day without tea, either in the mild and humid southern mountain area or on the frozen and snow – covered northern grassland.  Gongfu tea, buttered tea and milk tea are all the favorite drinks of Chinese people.  Furthermore, people indulge in elaborating on poems, essays, dances, and dramas about tea.  The songs and dances of tea – leaf picking in the film will bring you great delight and you will get much knowledge about the art of tea through watching the etiquette of sampling tea. 

Duration: 59 min


中華茶文化大約有5000多年的歷史,其間形成了一系列的特色茶文化,如茶葉種植和培養、茶葉採摘加工取樣等工藝。茶葉主要產於長江南部地區,如浙江,雲南,貴州,福建等地, 那裡氣候溫和,土地肥沃。茶葉的品種也多種多樣, 如龍井、烏龍、鐵觀音、普洱, 在國內外都享有盛名。這部影片概括了中國茶的栽培歷史、茶葉的分佈,以及傳統的製茶工藝等,為您提供一些鮮為人知的有關中國茶的知識。

茶文化是民族衆多中國人共同的特點。五十六個民族, 每個民族都有自己民族不同的茶文化。無論在溫和濕潤的南部山區,還是冰凍和積雪覆蓋的北方草原,難以想像中國人可以一天不喝茶。功夫茶、酥油茶和奶茶,都是中國人喜愛的飲品。此外, 人們還津津樂道有關茶的詩歌、散文、舞蹈和戲劇等。片中的采茶音樂和采茶舞會給你帶來無限的喜悅,你還可以通過觀看茶藝及茶禮儀演示學到很多茶藝知識。