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August 27, 2020

《中國飲食文化》Chinese Food Culture

                                                        Chinese Food Culture

        Food has played an important part in China’s over 5,000 year-old culture. China’s culinary culture can be divided into three major categories, namely food culture, tea culture and wine culture.

        Chinese cuisine includes royal food, official fare and many regional schools of cooking. Tea culture takes drinking and tasting tea to an art, best represented in the traditional tea ceremony. There are too many cultural aspects and anecdotes related to China’s celebrated wine culture to even begin to mention individually.

         No matter what category, be royal fare like Peking Duck, to more common, popular delicacies from the four major schools of Chinese cooking, Lu Su, Yue and Chuan, to magnificent feasts and elegant teas- Chinese food and drink reveal essential parts of the country’s culture, such as its emphasis on harmony and unity.

       Duration: 25 minutes


        在中國五千年的文化中,飲食是重要的組成部分。中國的飲食文化可分為三大類, 即飲食文化,茶文化和酒文化。