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September 1, 2020

《中國民族體育盛會》Traditional Sports Meet of China

Traditional Sports Meet of China

Each of the 56 minorities in China has its own traditional sports. Wrestling, horse racing, archery, sheep snatching and hockey are the favorite sports of herdsmen in northwest China while dragon boat racing, juggling and bamboo jumping matches are often played in the south. In order to improve and promote the cultural exchange of sports culture between the different minority cultures, a nation -wide sports meet is held once every several years in China. This film describes the exciting matches and close friendships formed between the minority cultures during the meets held in Lhasa and Beijing.

Duration: 29 minutes


            中國五十六個民族都有各自的體育運動項目。摔跤、賽馬、射箭和叼羊是中國北方牧民最喜歡的體育運動項目,然而賽龍舟、拋球和爬竹竿比賽則是南方少數民族喜愛的運動。為了促進和發展少數民族體育運動, 中國每幾年就會舉辦一次全國性的少數民族體育運動會。本片展示了在北京和拉薩舉辦的兩屆盛會,描繪了比賽的激烈場面和各少數民族間的深厚的友情。

時長: 29分鐘