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April 30, 2020

《中國春節》Chinese New Year


本片圍繞春節這一主題,以恢弘的畫面和細膩的情感,講述發生在廣袤土地上的各色春節故事,記錄中國各地春節的傳統風俗,闡釋中國文化的精髓內涵。節目邀請Hairy Bikers 和 Kate Humble等經驗豐富的BBC知名節目主持人,共同為我們呈現一場前所未有的春節歡慶盛況。他們看似迥異的主持風格,在中國春節之一大背景下完美契合,為每一個故事都增添了靈動的色彩,更使影片節奏張弛有度,牽動觀眾心弦。


Chinese New Year(1)Migration

Focusing on Chinese New Year, this documentary series, with its magnificent images and expression of delicate emotions, tells various stories taking place on the vast land of China. It records the traditional customs of the festival in different parts of China and explains the essence of Chinese culture. The program invites experienced and well-known BBC hosts such as Hairy Bikers and Kate Humble to present an unprecedented Chinese New Year celebration. Their seemingly totally different style of hosting perfectly fits in the context of Chinese New Year and adds a sense of vividness to each story, making the rhythm of the series relaxed and pulling the audience’s heartstrings.

Duration: 49’36

(2)團圓 時長:49’27 Reunion Duration: 49’27

(3)歡慶 時長:49’36 Celebration 49’52