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August 31, 2020

《新中國文化藝術1949-1999》New China’s Culture and Arts in 50 Years

New China’s Culture and Arts in 50 Years

For fifty years since its founding, People’s Republic of China has achieved remarkable success in culture and arts and added a new chapter to the annuals of its culture which has a tradition of more than 5,000 years. This disc features the brilliant achievements the Chinese people have made in the past fifty years in professional culture and arts, popular culture, traditional and historical culture, cultural exchanges and construction of cultural facilities.

Duration: 38 minutes


                新中國建國五十年來,中國在文化藝術取得了顯著的成就,開啟了中國五千年文化的新篇章。本片展現了新中國建國五十年來在文化藝術上取得的光輝成就, 包括大衆流行文化、傳統文化、文化變遷及文化設施的建設等。

時長:38 分鐘