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September 1, 2020

《中國名山大川》The Symbol of Eternity in China

The Symbol of Eternity  in China

This is a scenic film of famous mountains and beautiful rivers.

China has many well-known rivers and lakes as well as lofty mountains, of which Mount Tai, Mount Hua, Mount Huang, Mount Lu, Mount E’mei and Mount Qomolangma, the Roof of the world, are spectacular and majestic in all their varieties.  Some historical relics of thousands of years old are found in these mountainous areas.  And people here still keep the unsophisticated folk custom with its original color.  As the birthplaces of China’s ancient civilization, both Yellow River and Yangzi River are full of vigorous life today.  The beauty of lofty mountains and charming rivers will make you enjoy every minute of the film.  

Duration: 36 min