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August 27, 2020

《中國人的傳統節日》Chinese Traditional Festivals

Chinese Traditional Festivals


         China is composed of 56 nationalities and each nationality has its own traditional festivals. Beginning from the memorial ceremony for the Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan (the same ancestor of all the Chinese people), the film respectively introduces the origin and rejoicing spectacle of the important festivals  according to the time sequence, including Lu Sheng Festival ( Lu Sheng a reed-pipe wind instrument), Water-Sprinkling Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival. From the film, you cannot only get the rich knowledge of the folk custom and culture, but also place yourself in the multi-colored world of Chinese traditional culture, enjoying the happiness of the real life. Like a magnificent picture with various national characters, Chinese traditional festivals demonstrate the inexhaustible charm of Chinese multi-national culture.

Duration: 40 minutes


中國由五十六的少數民族組成,各民族有著自己的傳統節日。本片按照時間順序,從中國人共同的先祖軒轅黃帝的祭祀儀式開始,分別介紹了重要傳統節日的起源和歡騰的節日景象。這些節日包括:蘆笙節(蘆笙, 一種葦管樂器),潑水節,端午節,中秋節和春節。從這部影片中,您不僅可以了解中國傳統習俗和文化,還可以將自己融匯於多彩的中國傳統文化世界中,分享來自現實生活的快樂。中國人的傳統節日如一幅壯麗的多民族特色畫卷,展示出中國多民族文化無盡的魅力。