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September 1, 2020

《三峽奇觀》The Three Gorges, Wonders of Nature

The Three Gorges, Wonders of Nature

The Three Gorges lies in the middle reach of China’s longest river —- Yangtse River.  With swift currents and steep crags, it has long been a vital communications line, where numerous boat trackers have left their footprints.  Archaeologists recently found that over five thousand years before, ancestors of Chinese people had created splendid cultures here.  The world – famous cultural relics such as Shibao Village, Baidi City, Zhang Fei Temple and Suspend Coffins make the Three Gorges more mysterious.  This film documentary gives a brief review of the beauty of Three Gorges.  

Duration: 28 min


長江三峽位於中國最長的河流 – 長江的中段。峡中峭壁险峻,激流澎湃,長期以來,它一直是一個至關重要的交通樞紐,許多縴夫在這裡留下了他們的足跡。考古学家最近发现,早在五千年前,中国人的祖先就在此创造了灿烂的文化。石寶寨,白帝城,張飛殿和懸棺等世界著名的古迹使三峽更加神秘。这部纪录片简要回顾了三峡的美。