你是否想像過乘著音樂的翅膀,穿越中國的過去和現在? 你是否希望通過詩境來品位中國文化的魅力?中國音樂電視——《中國交響詩》是一張通往這古老而現代地方的船票。它帶給你一個難忘的旅程,通過展示中國秀美的風光和沉澱的歷史,體現這塊土地上人們生活的變化,與觀眾一起分享中國人民對新時代的熱愛和憧憬!

時長: 26分鐘



China- A Symphonic Portrayal

Have you ever dreamed of cruising along China’s past and present on the wings of music? Do you wish to relish the treasures of Chinese culture through poetic images? The music video China---A Symphonic Portrayal is your ticket to this ancient yet dynamic place. It will take you on an unforgettable trip across China’s magnificent landscape and time-honored civilization, reveal to you the changing life of its people and customs, and share with you the Chinese people’s great passion and hope for the new Era. Enjoy the experience!

Duration: 26 minutes