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Program: Filipino 

Schedule: Saturday 7 - 8am

Producer/Host: Jojo Tabana (Jojammer)

Program Description:

The program features the latest news ,showbiz gossip, and music from the Philippines.


Producer Bio:

Jojo has been the host of the Filipino radio show on CHMB AM1320 since 1996.  Prior to joining AM1320, he was a DJ at 97.9FM DYBU and a morning radio personality on 93.9FM DYXL in Cebu, Phillippines.  


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Program: Portuguese & Brazilian 

Schedule: Saturday 6 - 7pm

Producer/Host: Alvaro Mendes


Program Description:

The Portuguese radio program Portugal No Coração, functions as both an information and entertainment center for the Portuguese and Brazilian communities. The Portuguese language program has been on air since 1993 providing information on what is going on in the community.  There is sport news from Portugal, and it also delivers current news happening in both Portugal and locally. Portugal No Coração aims to promote Portuguese/Brazilian-Canadian singers by playing their music along with the regular Portuguese content.  As well, an element of the program included the Portuguese priest sharing some words each week.


Producer Bio:

Alvaro Mendes is host and producer of Portugal No Coração. He began as a host of the Portuguese language program on CHMB AM1320 in 1997, and in 2001 he became both host and producer. In between hosting the radio program, he also filmed and produced Portuguese community events for the local multicultural TV station.

Alvaro boasts great passion for his Portuguese community and has been very dedicated to it. He served as the President for the Portuguese Soccer Sporting Club of Portugal Vancouver, of which he was also one of the founders. During his time with the club, he helped raise money through organising fundraising events such as soccer tournaments or dinners that involved out of town performers. 

Through his involvement, Alvaro has proudly welcomed dignitaries from Portugal to Vancouver, serving as a representative of the Portuguese community alongside the Portuguese Consulate and other members of the community.


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Program: Vietnamese 

Schedule: Sunday 8 - 9am

Producer/Host: Nguyen Vu

Program Description:

The Vietnamese program provides news about the Vietnamese community in Vancouver, in Vietnam and from around the world.  The program features interviews, music and other news and trends about the Vietnamese community from around the world.  

Producer Bio:

Nguyen Vu was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Montreal, Canada  in 1975.  He began broadcasting in radio and television in Montreal in 1982, and joined CHMB as the Vietnamese Program Producer in 2005.  Nguyen is also a reporter of Radio Chan Troi Moi (New Horizon Radio / Radio Chân Trời Mới) since 2006.

Nguyen graduated from N.I.A Saigon Vietnam (National Institute Administration) and the University of Quebec in Montreal.  He is also very active in the local community, serving as Vice-President of Aureflam Canada (1986-2012), Secretary General of the Vietnamese Community in Montreal (1985) and President of the National Alumni Administration Vietnam in Vancouver (2005-present).   


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Program: Ukrainian 

Schedule: Sunday 5 - 6pm

Producer/Host: Paulette (Pawlina) Demchuk MacQuarrie


Click here to listen to the latest program

Program Description:

Nash Holos Ukrainian Roots Radio is a bilingual (Ukrainian & English) variety show featuring:

  • - Contemporary and traditional Ukrainian music by artists from  UkraineCanada, the U.S. and around the world
  • - Ukrainian Food Flair—Tips for Ukrainian Cooking
  • - Spiritual meditations and messages
  • - The week’s upcoming events in the local Ukrainian community
  • - Interviews with authors, artists, community leaders, dignitaries, and other interesting individuals
  • - Cultural and historical trivia
  • - Contests, ticket give-aways, & other fun stuff for listeners

The program’s website features additional information about the show, including guest profiles, recipes, audio archives, listings for upcoming local community events, transcripts, Ukrainian cultural products and services, and more.  Listeners can keep in touch with the community and the show host at the program’s website, by subscribing to the newsletter, podcast feed, blog, and Facebook page, and by following @Pawlina on Twitter. Links at the Nash Holos website: www.nashholos.com


Producer Bio:

Paulette (Pawlina) Demchuk MacQuarrie has hosted and produced Nash Holos on CHMB AM1320 since 2000.  From 1990-96, she co-hosted the show on another local radio station.

Born in Winnipeg, Paulette grew up in various prairie communities, including her grandparents’ homestead of near Arran, Saskatchewan.  After graduating high school  in Yorkton, SK, she moved to Winnipeg to work in the travel industry, where she also studied Ukrainian language, history and culture at the University of Manitoba.

In 1988, she moved to Vancouver with her husband, and promptly became involved in the local Ukrainian community. From 1989-96, she served on the boards of two Ukrainian community organizations, wrote and edited the community newsletter for both organizations from 1991-99, and in 1990 wrote the Report on Multiculturalism for the Government of British Columbia on behalf of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, BC Provincial Council.  From 1995-96, she was a member of the Advisory Council to the Ministry of Multiculturalism for the Province of British Columbia.

After a 20-year career with the airline industry, in 1995 Paulette began a new career providing professional writing and editing services to corporate clients. In 2006, she published her first work of fiction, a short story, in the anthology Kobzar’s Children: A Century of Untold Stories. She continues to write, edit, blog and desk-top publish on a freelance basis.

Paulette also co-hosts an internationally syndicated radio program on the global media industry, Media Network Plus, which airs weekly on AM, FM, shortwave and satellite radio around the world.


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